Homegrown Food Challenge—Day 5

October 16, 2011 § 6 Comments

Has this been the longest week ever? Were there 10 days in this particular week? God, it just seems never-ending. What is up with that, calendar?

Not to imply that the Homegrown Food Challenge is getting old. It’s not. As I said yesterday, we actually have too much food to work with, and I haven’t end gotten around to using our homegrown leeks and beets and … whaddaya know … we have a head of broccoli ready to go.

It’s just that, well, I’m realizing how boring my breakfast (or lack of it) is becoming. It’s the same, every time. Coffee, well, duh, I require daily morning intakes. It’s just the non-liquids that go along with that meal. It’s not as mind-numbing as the time in Jr. High that I ate a Toaster Strudel every day for two years. But … unless I’m going to have home-baked baked goods for breakfast, I’m not so sure I have any thrilling alternatives. Suggestions, anyone?

On to Day 5, which, I must admit, was borderline local …

Flat Black coffee with Maine’s Own Organic milk. Stonyfield yogurt. Local apple. Thank god for good coffee.

I feel almost sinful having the grilled eggplant paninni with smoky mayo two days in a row. But I did. And I loved it. Really and truly. No tomato this time.

Another local eatery. This time with our new-found friend who was flying solo that night. We headed to Gaslight. No, they aren’t a struggling local place that needs our money. But the place has darn-good food and surely the fish on the menu is local, right? And the broccoli rabe under the fish, I hope. The Harpoon IPA definitely was local. Ring it up—we liked it all.

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§ 6 Responses to Homegrown Food Challenge—Day 5

  • I’m enjoying reading about your menus during the Homegrown Challenge. I have a breakfast suggestion for you, but not sure if you can get the ingredients locally…. ? My daughter makes oatmeal the night before and in the morning, adds in pieces of apple pie or apple crisp. That should satisfy your need for a grain that will stay with you topped with a note of sweet.

    • Oh, hey, that sounds tasty. I typically fix steel-cut oatmeal for breakfast and top it off with maple syrup or agave nectar. And it’s VERY satisfying! Not local, but … Today’s our last day on the homegrown/local challenge, so tomorrow we’ll get back on our oatmeal/protein shake routines. It’s nice to know there’s someone putting apple pie in her oatmeal – that’s awesome! Thanks for the suggestion ; )

  • Lovely daughter just got up, so here is the link to this very easy recipe. Again, not really sure if you can get all ingredients locally, but it is yummy. http://ohsheglows.com/2010/04/08/easy-vegan-overnight-oats/

  • […] Dot. To learn about her latest adventure in the Homegrown Food Challenge, check out this post: Homegrown Food Challenge – Day 5. Be a friend…share! This entry was posted in Dining & Recipes and tagged ancho poblano […]

    • Thanks so much for the Stuffed Poblano recipe Ellen! These were fantastic and I’m excited to try this again.

      In response to your write-up about boring breakfasts, try this on for size: I have been baking potatoes and bringing them to work with me. They are by no means exciting, but there is something funny to me about getting out of my car and pulling out a cold baked potato to eat. People that see me walking with it must think it’s a bit strange, but whatever. A cold unsalted unbuttered baked potato has never tasted as good as it does this month!

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