My Friend’s Holiday Giveaway at aHa Modern Living

December 2, 2011 § 2 Comments

LoaHa! Modern Living's week 1 giveawayoking for a great gift for the holidays? Or are you thinking that perhaps YOU deserve a little something for the holidays?

If you are into home and garden stuff—the really classy mod kind—I’ve got a heads up for you. My adorable friend Jayme from Oregon runs a site called aHa! Modern Living. “Gardening with a modern flare,” as she puts it. It’s not for the casual hobby let’s-plant-some-flowery-things-here type gardener. “We’re about environmental stewardship, community loyalty, global responsibility, and leading a healthy life.” Sounds good to me, right? Yup, that’s what kind of person Jayme is. And I have a bit of a girl crush on her—she’s that nice.

Here’s a reason to head on over to aHa! Modern Living right now. She’s running a Weekly Holiday Giveaway. And this is one giveaway I bet you’ll like: Week 1’s freebie is a Roost Hemingway Muddler Set and a copy of Jayme’s newly published book Garden Rules. Men mow the lawn with a beer—so why shouldn’t women garden with cocktails? It’s only fair, after all. And doesn’t that Muddler Set look slick? Hmmm … wonder if I’m eligible to win?

Speaking of giveaways … I have accumulated a bunch of garden-related stuff via my day job. Watch for a Dainty Giveaway next week!

Down for Maintenance

December 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

“Down for Maintenance.”
I’m not referring to the Dainty Dot blog. I’m referring to Dainty herself. Not one single post in the month of November. Call it my month of maintenance. Am I good with that? Yeah, I’m good with that. And now that December is here, I’m good with that, too. Get back in the saddle, as they say.

So, what have I been doing, maintenance-wise … Let’s see:

1. Exercise stuff. I had big plans to lose 6 lbs by the end of the month. A continuing bum knee (yes, ma’am, I did finally go to the doctor) kept me from running, but I learned to love the elliptical. But the 6 lbs? No way, but close.

2. I discovered I love yoga. Like, really LOVE it, with all caps. It’s kinda like how I really get excited about a batch of soft and growing bread dough. Or when the row of spinach seeds come up. But instead of bread forming or food growing, it’s me doing something really cool. I like it. I want it. I’m gonna keep doing it.

3. Shhh … Don’t tell my boss … I’ve learned how to streamline my work to get it all done in about … Well, in less time. At least for now – until travel season starts in a matter of a month or so. But, it’s afforded me some time to do #1 and #2.

4. I did go on one biz trip and extended it into a long weekend in Chicago with Jennifer. Here’s my thought on Chicago: It’s s nice town, and too bad it’s in the middle of the country. Because as you may or may not know, I’m a time zone snob. I just can’t do the middle. No offense, Middle America. You’re just not for me.

5. #3 also afforded me time to do some soul searching about what I wanna be when I grow up. And I realized, wait, I’m already all grown up. As Bette Midler says in my most favorite song she sings, “Is that all there is?” The answer? The answer … If I had the answer, man …

6. Speaking of looking for answers, So I picked up a thin book that’s been on my shelf for about a dozen years. It’s called Buddhism Without Beliefs. It’s not religiony in any way – hence the “without beliefs” reference – and it’s been a good way to get my head decluttered. I recommend it.

7. Pie was made. And if there’s anything Dainty does, it’s pies. It was just one pie, but it was a mighty fine pie. Dutch apple. Sorry I didn’t share. I’ll make another. I promise.

8. Dainty has plans in the works for 2012. Big plans. Now with the paying work streamlined into lean-flow efficiency, I have some time to do Dainty the way it deserves. Details to be revealed over the next month or so.

9. So, here’s a question for you: what do YOU want to see Dainty do next year? More travel stuff? More baking? Bread or sweets? Wanna know more about my mad skills in the garden? Oh man, I mean I’ve got mad skills. You want to see something, you let me on know. ‘K?

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