The Dainty What?

Any of you who have wandered the outskirts of Boston’s Chinatown and have crossed the streets of Kingston and Essex will likely have spotted The Dainty Dot Hosiery Building. It’s the most awesome of dilapidated 1800s-era factory buildings in the city. Google it. You’ll see its charm.

And, it’s the imagined and future headquarters for the Dainty Dot MediaWorks world empire.

Welcome. Come on in.

§ 4 Responses to The Dainty What?

  • Judy Piemme says:

    Hi Ellen, Do you have a recipe for tomato/basil soup? I’ve turned vegetarian and love this soup that I get at a deli close to where we live, but I haven’t been able to find any good recipe that I really like. I do have their recipe, but would like to try others. I read your Dainty Dot daily and love it. I really like the way you write and your language. Hope you and Jenn are doing well and hanging in there. Spring will be here very soon! I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but it’s around 80 degrees here in Phoenix these days. Love to both of you…and thanks for any recipes or help you can send my way.

    • Judy, we don’t have a specific tomato basil soup recipe, but I can recommend one. Google tomato basil soup and Ina Garten. That recipe is highly recommended and we are going to try that soon. You should also try the roasted butternut squash recipe posted on Dainty Dot. It’s vegetarian and fabulous! Jennifer made it and it was scrumptious!

  • Judy Piemme says:

    Hi Ellen,

    How is life these days? We’re in the process of putting together our summer trip to the east, leaving here around the end of June and spending July visiting family and friends. Looking forward to seeing you sometime soon. Do you have a recipe for Musli? I remember loving that several years ago and haven’t had any for a long time. I would like to try making some, if I can find a good recipe. Many thanks. Love to you both.

  • Sarah Sheehan says:

    Cool blog Ellen! It was great talking to you Saturday. Take care!

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