Floating in Amsterdam

May 17, 2011 § 1 Comment

And I don’t mean on a canal. Waaay better than that. Of all the typical things you can do on a visit to Amsterdam—drink beer, eat cheese, visit the Red Light District, take a canal ride, drink beer—here’s something that’s incredibly special and absolutely amazing: floating on a salty pool of water at Koan Float, a lovely spa right on the canal of Herengracht, in the old city.

So, picture this: A small room with a shower and a big plastic pod, shaped kinda like an egg positioned on its side. There’s a hatch that opens up on the small end to reveal that the pod is filled to the hatch rim with water. Step in (that’s after you shower and are completely naked as a baby) and try to sit like it’s a bathtub— you can’t sit. Your body just doesn’t sink. You bob up like a discarded soda bottle on the Charles. Close the hatch and stretch out. Your body naturally floats high up in the very very salty water. Aaaaahhhhh….relaxing.

I can’t stand getting water in my ears – not even in the shower – so they provide ear plugs. And there’s a floaty pillow like the kind you use on a plane – helps a lot. They also give you the option of listening to that celestial new-agey music. Sounds hokey, but do it! And turn the lights out completely in the pod. And just float there. And float. And suddenly you’re just back in the womb, suspended, mind as blank as that Taoist uncarved block. Truly. Amazing.

After 45 minutes, they’ll come on the intercom and have the lights come up and down a bit, letting you know time has expired. I totally missed all of that because I fell asleep. Floating on water! Exactly what your mother warned you about! I did suddenly spring to consciousness, more refreshed—body and soul—than I have ever experienced in my life. I would do this once a week if I could. Hello, some spa in Boston? Get these pods!

Don’t take my word for it, watch this video from Koan Float. And book an appointment for right after your overnight flight. It’ll totally help you relieve the stress and enjoy the rest of your day.

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