Under the Bruins Flag

June 21, 2011 § 1 Comment

This is not your typical Dainty post. But I have a set of photos I think you’re gonna like. Especially if you’re a Boston Bruins fan.

I was on the South End Garden Tour on June 18—I know, bummer, I couldn’t make it to the Bruins Rolling Rally. But one of the garden tour stops just happened to have a great view of the Hancock buildings. It was a gorgeous day in the city and it was a gorgeous shot of the Bruins championship flag flying from the smaller Hancock building.

Bruins flag flying proudly on the Hancock building

Bruins flag flying proudly on the Hancock building

Thinking it would make a really cool Facebook profile pic, I zoomed in and framed the flag. When I downloaded, I noticed a little somethin’ somethin’ under the flag. And it just happened to be a person.

Bruins flag on Hancock Building with man underneath

He had the best view of the Bruins Rolling Rally

So, if you know this guy, or you know someone who knows someone who knows this guy, tell him about it. He deserves to make it his own FB profile pic.

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