Things I Love

April 18, 2012 § Leave a comment

Winter’s the time to be contemplative, right? For some reason I have chosen spring for that purpose this year. I’m taking each experience, rolling it around in my brain, letting it flow in and out, and seeing what sense it leaves. Too often experiences just rush in and out. I’m gonna change that.

Things have rolled in and rolled out over the last few weeks and I’ve found the ones I love:

Rooftop sunsets with friends.

Blue skies and reflections.

My yoga mat. I love yoga. I love the fact that a year ago I didn’t even expect I’d be saying, “I love yoga.”

Friends you give your spare key to. Friends you’d give your spare kidney to.

Little things that contain promise.

Blueberry beer.

These two beings.

That my kitten is fierce.

Fierce with a capital F.

And that she is full of … personality. Let’s call it personality.

The color green.

Oranges and yellows and tulips and spring…

…and hearts that bleed.

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